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The naturally grown Loofah fruit (lat. Luffa aegyptiaca) is a type of climbing plant, related to pumpkins, gourds and cucumbers.There are six species in the Loofah family, which are widely cultivated to manufacture Loofah body care products or for nutritional purposes.

The Loofah sponge itself is actually the fibrous xylem endocarp (a wood like plant tissue) that embraces the seeds of the fruit. Loofah is the only naturally growing botanical type of sponge (not growing in the sea).It has been used in baths and kitchens for centuries.

Traditionally cultivated in India and the Middle East, where the name originates, today Loofah is also grown in other warm, dry regions of the world.

Our Loofah products are especially suitable for exfoliating your body skin in a natural way. The rugged structure is perfect for rubbing off the top layer of dead skin gently. Your skin feels fresh, renewed and conditioned. The regular use of Loofah products stimulates the blood circulation and can help to reduce cellulites.

Loofah products are very durable, long lasting natural products. They only need to air-dry after use.Loofah products can also be used in the kitchen for gentle cleaning of Teflon coated cook ware.

Loofah Complexion Disks

(6 pieces) For skin with a healthy and radiant shine...
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Loofah Pad 5x7 (inch)

The most popular item for bath or shower. Elastic strap attached to secure hand while cleaning.
[Product Details...]

Loofah-Terry Soap Pouch

Just place your favorite soap inside to wash away dirt as well as dead skin cells.
[Product Details...]

Loofah-Terry Sponge

Use wide cloth strap to secure your hand...
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Loofah Sponge 5 (inch)

For skin with a healthy and radiant shine...
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Loofah Facial Pad

Use this loofah facial pad to alleviate stress and tension..
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